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Welcome to the Swansea Big Brother Experience Blog. This year Swansea Youth Service are running five Big Brother experiences for young people. Each experience runs for 3 full days with 24 participants entering the house each week with the winner taking home £100 in cash. You can keep up with what's going on in the house on this blog, which will have regular updates and footage of the lastest going ons in the house. Please feel free to leave comments and messages on the page, although these will be moderated before going up. Thanks all...................

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

RE: The Winner

And this weeks Big Brother is...............JAY.

Congratulations Jay, you received the most votes from your fellow housemates.

Big Brother would like to say a massive thank you and well done to all housemates. It isn't an easy experience and you all did brilliantly to survive.

RE: Evictions

Well done to Matthew for surviving the experience. He has been evicted from the house early. Big Brother would like to wish Matthew's grandparents a happy anniversary.

RE: Evictions

The countdown is on. Less than an hour to go...........

house mates get groovy in da house

house mates get some moves going to jedward...
what would you vote their dancing out of ten?

blog spotting

hows mate look over the comments from family and friends...

morale is high, jacket potatoes are in the oven and all is well in the big brother house..

see you soon on the outside house mates..

pre lunch update

the big brother kitchen looks lovely and clean... at last!
and now its time for the lunch items to enter the house.. all that hard work eh!!!

morale has picked up and the tension has dispersed. although losing a challenge to stay silent has resulted in the housemates losing out on a treat.!! it was never going to work on the last day, but big brother fancied a break from listening to 18 house mates.. oh my poor ears...

message for housemates

hi viewers, this is your last chance to post a message to the house mates before their evicted... come on they need your support for the final hours....

post your message here and we will let the housemates know what you have to say... :)

tension rises

the housemates are tired after a night away and looking after virtual babies... and things are getting heated, frustration towards each other and the tasks has caused some rows to break out over the cleaning...

the big brother kitchen

house mates cook up a storm in the big brother kitchen.


the smell of bacon and sausage wafting from the big brother house is fabulous, the house mates worked well to deserve this treat, however three housemate will have to clean the whole kitchen after mistreating big brothers babies...!

return from oz

the house mates return to a warm welcome from the remaining housemates...

what a lovely way to be woken, the smoothing tones of pink floyd and the delights of old friends returning from lands unknown..

the housemates have been a awarded a full breakfast for their travels... yum!

good morning viewers...

well the rest of us might be up and preparing for another day, but all is calm in the big brother house....

a couple have stirred to look after their reality babies, but otherwise its z's everywhere. big brother is considering what breakfast items he can find in his pantry.

then its preparations for a final day, and big brothers evictions...........!



Finally, ALL housemates AND babies asleep for the first time, took a long time coming, but got there eventually, happy days, nighty night housemates, or should I say morny morn!!!!

setting up baby camp

Hows that for commitment, these surrogate parents have even moved their beds to look after all the babies, they have had a long night of baby sitting for the entire big brother house, hope they manage to get some kip before its time to get up, and that the other housemates appreciate their commitment, remember, there should be 8 housemates looking after the babies, not just two ......

looks like a cresh

Now thats the way to do it, babies all together now, and within arms reach. The surrogate parents seem to have this baby malarky sorted.... Nice 1

twas the night before eviction


Twas the night before eviction, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except the 4 screaming babies, but only two housemates came to the rescue. Very well done housemates, a fantastic bit of reality parenting, even if the babies belonged to other couples, who by the way are still out cold and slept through it all. either very very tired, or very selective hearing......

Baby Duties

No rest for the proud parents, baby needs some attention

Sleepy Heads

4.00 am

Well it's finally happened, the house is quiet for the first time since Tuesday morning. Only two housemates still going strong and having a cuppa tea, but thats because they are walking the baby to get it back to sleep... considerate parents don't you think......
3-30 am in the Big brother house, all of the inside housemates are settled, but some are still awake and looking after baby, the outdoor housemates are fasto's and waiting for the sun to come up

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the midnight hour

All housemates are doing really well with their new reality babies, all are being responsible parents, even though they had little or no sleep last night.... just like real parents aye!! A real taste of reality...........

multi tasking

10.40 pm
Not only are the housemates caring brilliantly for their new families, but they are also baking a delicious cake, the batter is getting a real battering. Babies and cakes all in one day, what more could a housemate wish for........ more to follow

RE: Advice on parenting.

Housemates have been shown the video of their parenting and read the comments that blog followers posted. We'll let you know whether they tone the swearing down in front of the children. Thanks for the good advice.


This is a reminder to all friends and family of housemates that the evictions take place from 3pm until 4pm tomorrow. You are all invited to come down and watch. Big Brother would like to let all watchers know that the evictions will not happen in the order that the votes are counted. The winner will be the last person out, but all other housemates will be evicted in a random order. Any ideas who the winner might be?

RE: Parenting

These reality babies are certainly demanding a fair bit of attention from their parents. Do any of you blog followers have any parenting advice we can share with the housemates?

RE: Update

There are now 10 housemates and 4 reality babies left inside the Big Brother House. It is much quieter apart from the cry of babies. The housemates are busy preparing a chicken curry for their evening meal. The other 8 housemates are still beavering away at their secret challenges.

more house mates prepare leave the big brother house...!

we can assure family and friends that house mates are safe and sound completing a secret challenge

house mates leave the house...!

a house mate leaves the house but where are they going......
find out more later

proud parents

big brothers proud parents..!! hard at work attending to their new born's needs

big brothers final baby

the final pound parents are...!

Craig and David..
big brother explains the task, but are they men enough to look after the new born?
the proud fathers decide to call there new child..... Snoop Dog!!!!

more new parents

more new parents in the big brother house

Jenny and Naomi and Jane and Alex...aka Felix
house mates will need to look after the babies for the next few hours to be awarded biscuits and hot chocolate, should they manage parenthood through the night they will be awarded a full cooked breakfast....

Big Brothers Little brothers and sisters

house mates have been given the challenge of looking after big brothers little brothers and sisters... how well will they do...!!!!!!

first house mates to be to awarded a big brother baby are....

jason and vicky...

Big Brothers big challenge

Big brothers next big challenge has begun.....!!!!

cleaning for popcorn

Housemates have negotiated a film and some popcorn from big brother to keep themselves amused....in order to negotiate this they have had to commit to scrubbing and cleaning big brothers house after the mess they have made...

its all far in popcorn and cleaning...

RE: The smokers.

Big Brother has a strict rule of ten cigarettes per housemate for those who smoke. Big Brother hopes this makes people think about their habit. Many of the housemates have smoked their allocated amount of cigarettes and are now struggling with this battle. What do blog watchers think about smoking???

house mates relax after dinner, to some of big brothers favorites hits

RE: Housemates leaving!!!

It's a tough experience inside the house and after a long night a couple of housemates have left the house. Well done for surviving this long. Who will survive the full stay?!

Could you survive the challenge????????????
The diary room has been busy, and big brother is considering what tasks to challenge housemates later, what do you think big brother should do?

what's cooking

Housemates prepare for their lunch...... its all calm in the house as the race to feed hungry mouths continues

Wizard of OZ

house mates recreate the wizard of oz, dressing one housemate up as tin man..!

dirty dancing challange

morning has arrived big time

6am, some of the housemates finally getting a bit of kip, but the majority are still running on overdrive, it's going to be an interesting day.......

Dawn has broken

5 20 am...... Daylight has quickly come upon us, the birdies are singing, and some of the housemates are still going strong, don't think they realise the time, they will before very long, it's going to be a long, long day tomorrow, lots of challenges to keep sleepy, sleepy housemates verrrry occupied.....

almost dawn

4:15 am.....The Big Brother House is quite settled at the moment, lots of tired faces, few giving in to sleep at the mo, must be their 3rd or 4th wind, the morning will tell if they think it was a good idea to stay up so late, Mmmm, only time will tell...........
3 am, very little sleep going on in the house tonight, but only to be expected, but it's going to be a short night in the morning when they all have to get up.
Fancy dress time, the housemates decided to have a fancy dress bash, and don't they look just fabulous, could start a trend
Housemates still going strong, mostly sitting around chilling and chatting, more later!!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

RE: Chillin in the evening

RE: After food clean up!

RE: Hello from inside the house.

Doh !!!

Big Brother has realised that it left a giant clock on the wall!!! As reward for returning the clock to Big Brother housemates have been rewarded by receiving the use of a flip video camera for 5 minutes in order to record a message for all you blog followers. The message should be up soon provided that it's decent enough to put up.

RE: Comments.

Attention all followers. Please feel free to post as many comments as you like. At various points Big Brother may let the blog be viewed by housemates so your comments may get through to them. Thanks.

RE: Apologies

The Big Brother blog team would like to apologise for the current lack of footage coming onto the blog page. We are currently having some recording equipment issues. This should be resolved by tomorrow. Thanks for following.

Time for some tunes.....

Evening meal.

Housemates have been given the ingredients to cook Shepherds Pie for their evening meal. David, Abbey, Naomi and a few of the others are at the helm. Progress so far looks interesting!

Watching the cooks at work!

Some exercise in the house...

Look the que for the diary room

Housemates dressing up in their fancy dress costumes.

The Big Brother House is now open, the first house mate will be entering the house in 10 mins time, here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!