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Welcome to the Swansea Big Brother Experience Blog. This year Swansea Youth Service are running five Big Brother experiences for young people. Each experience runs for 3 full days with 24 participants entering the house each week with the winner taking home £100 in cash. You can keep up with what's going on in the house on this blog, which will have regular updates and footage of the lastest going ons in the house. Please feel free to leave comments and messages on the page, although these will be moderated before going up. Thanks all...................

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Croeso i Flog Profiad Brawd Mawr Abertawe. Eleni mae Gwasanaeth Ieuenctid Abertawe yn rhedeg pum profiad Brawd Mawr i bobl ifanc. Bydd pob profiad yn para tri diwrnod llawn gyda 24 o bobl ifanc yn mynd i'r Ty bob wythnos, gyda'r enillydd yn ennill gwobr o £100 mewn arian parod. Gallwch dderbyn yr wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am y Ty drwy'r blog hwn, a fydd yn cael ei ddiweddaru'n rheolaidd, gan gynnwys fideos o'r digwyddiadau diweddaraf yn y Ty. Mae croeso i chi adael unrhyw sylwadau a negeseuon ar y dudalen, ond ni fyddant yn cael eu cymedroli cyn eu cyhoeddi. Diolch i bawb...................
A diolch yn fawr i Gyllid Skools Out am ariannu'r prosiect.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Coming soon..............

BB Blog Followers. Week 3 will be here in 4 days time, 24 new housemates face the challenge of the Big Brother house. Will they survive it? what will happen?

A big shout out to all former Big Brother housemates.........................

RE: The Winner

And the winner of week 2 is.......Tyler.
Congratulations housemate. Big Brother would like to congratulate all the housemates for an awesome week and the they treated their fellow housemates.


Ok the end is nearing and housemates are chillaxing out doors, wish them all luck followers!!!!!

40mins to evictions AND COUNTING!!!!

Who's it going be??????

Lunch has finally arrived and housemates work together to get food dished up, not long now!!!!

Housemates face their final challenge, its a bugs life!!!!!!

Hello out there!!!!!! earlier footage of the housemates cooking a well earned cooked brekkie yum yum
Not long now blog followers, 2 hours and counting....... Housemates are on their final voting journey and we will soon have a winner...

Housemates are chilling with music, awaiting the arrival of their luxury lunch and cake, a well earned reward for the awesome completion of this mornings challenge

Housemates must really love cake!!!!!!

5 HOURS TO EVICTION --Brekkie is served and the mood is high.

Big Brother would like to remind family and friends that evictions do not take part in any particular order but the Winner will be the last housemate to leave the building and all votes come from housemates themselves.

Hope to see you all at 3pm today, to give all housemates the support they deserve!!!!
Well Well 8 times Big Brother had to play the chosen tune to wake up housemates and had to resort to Benny Hill to get them on their feet.

Unfortunately Big Brother experienced technical difficulties and is unable to show you how happy the housemates were to be woke up by such a lovely tune!!!!!!!!!
Morning followers, Big Brother asked followers what music should be used to wake up Housemates?

The most votes went to .........................................THE SMURFS

HERE GOES.......

early morning update

All Big Brother housemates now asleep, even the 3 amigos, Curtis, Morgan and Ellis, they finally succumbed to the sleep fairy at exactly 4:10am!

Goodnight all, see you in a couple of hours, for our final exciting day together on the Big Brother Experience!

Who will win Big Brother, only the housemates decide!!!!

You can vote on this blog, but only for fun!

"Your vote's will not count towards the final result"

Housemates early morning update

Curtis., Morgan and Ellis still awake and only 11 hours to eviction time, will Big Brothers 3 amigos go straight through to eviction time without falling asleep?????

How peaceful Big Brother housemates look when they are asleep


The eviction of housemates will begin at 3pm, all family and friends of housemates are welcome...

The 12 hour countdown begins>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And the honour of being the last housemates awake this morning goes to: Curtis, Ellis and Morgan, respect from Big Brother! Who will be the last man standing???????????????????????

update on housemates

Seven housemates still awake, Big Brother would really like the staying power of these housemates

1st to succumb

Well folks it seems like Connor is the first housemate to fall under the sleep fairy spell tonight. Who will be the next Big Brother wonders!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

RE: Earlier footage of some puppets in the diary room.

RE: Earlier footage of Roxy and Ronnie getting their grub

RE: The grand finale of the puppet challenge

Hey folks, this is how the housemates earned their DVD this evening

dvd time

Housemates are now settling down to watch a dvd, unfortunately no popcorn!


Big Brother would like some suggestions from bloggers on a song that could accompany the mince supper.

Tasting Time

Chef's are now tasting their creation, some really funny faces being pulled by the tasters, but the mince is still being ate

More Help

Abbie, has now decided to stir the mince, this cooking lark is starting to catch on with the housemates


Connor and Joseph have now decided to help Curtis to cook the mince! What is the saying about to many cooks?

cooking time

Curtis, in the kitchen frying up some mince for supper, looks delicousssssssssssssssss

The muppets........i mean the puppets

RE: Update.

BB Blog followers. Much has happened in the house since the last update. 8 housemates are undertaking a special challenge and are consequently not in the house. The rest of the housemates are now only allowed to communicate through their new puppet companions. This has created a whole new dimension in the house.

RE: Big Brother Evictions

Hello again all you BB followers. Don't forget the evictions for this week are on tomorrow afternoon and everyone is welcome down. They run from approximately 3 until 4 pm. Hope to see you there.

Chance to view behind the scenes at the Big Brother house afterwards.

RE:Afternoon challenges

Hi blog followers. Sorry for a lack of footage this afternoon. The housemates have been undertaking some arduous outdoor tasks. Big Brother does not like to give all of it's secrets up, so keeps some footage to itself. However, housemates have performed well and won several rewards. These include milk, sugar fruit, biscuits, chocolate, angel delight and several of the most coveted hair straighteners!!!!!!!

I found out I can clean

Sarah has visited the diary room today, telling Big Bro that and we quote " you never catch me cleaning at home"
Big Bro asked Sarah "What is different in here"
Sarah replied "aint got my mother cleaning for us, so we have to do it"
Sarah's mum this one's for you!!!

Housemates getting ready, they have been asked to complete an outdoor challenge............I'll huff and i'll puff and i'll blow your house down!!!!!!!!!!!
House Dancers feeling the groove in the house....go on girls!!!!!

Anyone out there know the housemates?????

Housemates are doing soooooo well, cooking skills are incredible, keep up the good work Gordon Ramsays's

Housemates make sure Ronnie and Roxy get their breakfast, good one housemates they need lots of TLC.......... OINK OINK.... OINK OINK!!!

Housemates get stuck into preparing their brekkie.....Big Brother hopes they enjoy!
Dyma'r lletywyr yn chwarae Simon yn dweud. Roedd y Lletywyr yn llwyddiannus yn eu sialens Cymraeg ac ennillon nhw siocled.... mmmmm, blasus!

Here are the housemates playing Simon Says. The Housemates were succesful in completing their Welsh Challenge and earned themselves chocolate... yum yum!!
Bore 'ma cafodd y lletywyr eu ddihuno gan yr anthem genedlaethol, yna newidodd Brawd Mawr iaith y ty i'r Gymraeg am awr! Roedd yna ddau letywr yn gallu siarad Cymraeg, felly roedd y dasg i gyflawni gem o Simon yn Dweud yn dibynnu arnyn nhw...

This morning, housemates were woken up by the Welsh national anthem followed by Big Brother changing to speak Welsh. Two of the housemates are Welsh speakers, so it was up to them to help the other housemates in completing the task of Simon Says in Welsh.

Morning all you Big Brother followers....Housemates have finally fallen to sleep;However there appears to be a visitor!!!

Can you guess who it is??????
Let us know if you have any ideas!!!!!

Heads under wings

Housemates succumb to the sleep fairy and all is well in the Big Brother house! Night, night everyone ! Big Brother will awaken them later.


Dawn is starting to break and some housemates still awake, Big Brother is wondering what these housemates will feel like by mid morning. Big Brother would welcome any suggestions from bloggers on how to keep these housemates awake for the rest of the day!
house mates spent the first few hours of the morning trying to guess the time, as all phones and watches are removed before entering this proved a trick challenge...

needless to say they were well out, by up to four hours.. :) perhaps this explains why nearly half the house are still up

Poem time in the house

Housemates wrote a poem to Big Brother, Dylan Thomas (The writer not the school)would have been so proud of them!! What do all our bloggers think ?????

update on housemates

All housemates still awake, desperate to know the time! Big Brother will not divulge this information to housemates. How will they cope later today with so little sleep, when Big Brother will be giving them new and exciting challenges and of course they will need to look after and feed Ronnie and Roxy?

Treat Time

Housemates just chilling and enjoying hot chocolate!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

RE: Smoothies on the go

Some of the housemates show off their smoothie making skills

RE: Relaxing in the fresh air

Big Bro's Pigs

The housemates have been giving some careful consideration to naming their pig sisters and have decided on 'Ronnie and Roxy'. Big Brother wonder's who has inspired those pig names?!?

RE: So who does the cleaning in the house????

RE: Serving up

Housemates get stuck into their food........

RE:The pie

So here it is.......

RE: Food update

The Sheperds Pie is still making slow progress in the oven. In the mean time Tyler showed some sense and shaped some of the mince into mini burgers, cooked them up and put them in a piece of bread and butter. That put a smile on a few people's faces.

RE:Pig Cam

Hey blog followers. The housemates have been joined by two new housemates. A pair of 14 week year old Oxford Sandy Black pigs. They are sisters. The housemates will be be their pig carers for the duration of their stay in the house!

RE: Food time

Housemates get busy in the kitchen. How is the evening meal going to turn out??? Any of you out there know about the housemates cooking skills????

Fancy dress

Housemates style themselves up in some new clothes!

Pillow fight

Housemates get to know each other with some good old fashioned pillow fighting....girls vs. boys

Housemates chillaxing in the bedroom area!!!!!!
Hi all, housemates have had an introduction to star jumps, they will be doing this every time they here a tune..................lucky them!!!!!!!!!
All housemates are in their home for next two nights,three days, currently playing ball with a lettuce..........they wont be getting another one!!!!!!!!!
Ok followers over half way there, housemates are currently exploring their new house!!

ooooo....... what will they find?????????
Welcome all you Big Brother supporters, The first four housemates have entered the Big Brother House.

Wish them luck!!!!!!!

Monday, 2 August 2010

RE: Countdown for week 2

Ok BB Blog followers, less than 24 hours till our new housemates enter the house. Lot's of surprises in store for this week's BB dwellers. Do you know any of the housemates???get your comments in............

Week 2

Big Brother is now getting ready to start week 2