Welcome to the Swansea Big Brother Experience 2009

Welcome to the Swansea Big Brother Experience Blog. This year Swansea Youth Service are running five Big Brother experiences for young people. Each experience runs for 3 full days with 24 participants entering the house each week with the winner taking home £100 in cash. You can keep up with what's going on in the house on this blog, which will have regular updates and footage of the lastest going ons in the house. Please feel free to leave comments and messages on the page, although these will be moderated before going up. Thanks all...................

And thankyou to Skools Out Funding for part funding the project.

Croeso i Flog Profiad Brawd Mawr Abertawe. Eleni mae Gwasanaeth Ieuenctid Abertawe yn rhedeg pum profiad Brawd Mawr i bobl ifanc. Bydd pob profiad yn para tri diwrnod llawn gyda 24 o bobl ifanc yn mynd i'r Ty bob wythnos, gyda'r enillydd yn ennill gwobr o £100 mewn arian parod. Gallwch dderbyn yr wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am y Ty drwy'r blog hwn, a fydd yn cael ei ddiweddaru'n rheolaidd, gan gynnwys fideos o'r digwyddiadau diweddaraf yn y Ty. Mae croeso i chi adael unrhyw sylwadau a negeseuon ar y dudalen, ond ni fyddant yn cael eu cymedroli cyn eu cyhoeddi. Diolch i bawb...................
A diolch yn fawr i Gyllid Skools Out am ariannu'r prosiect.

Friday, 20 August 2010

so long and thanks for all the socks!

Big Brother would like to say a massive hello,
and well done to all the housemates...

it has been another great week in the big Brother house
thanks for joining in with the big brother experience
we hope to see you all again!

Don't forget to keep in touch and visit our other projects!!!!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The winner of this weeks Big Brother Experience is...


Well done Matthew from Big Brother!!!

The countdown has begun...

33 minutes and 33 seconds to go! Housemates will be evicted two at a time in no particular order. Only the winner will remain until the end. Who will it be?

Last Dance!!!

The housemates have a last dance....
and show off their skills.
Big brother is going to miss the housemates dancing


yes Bloggers its evictions time!!!!

in three hours the evictions will begin!!!
housemates and big brother would like to invite all family and friends
you are welcome to the house to see the evictions!!! and visit behind the scenes afterwards!!!

we would like to remind you that the Swansea big brother experience was brought to you by...!

With the help and support from:Down to Earth, Skool's Out, Tidy Towns and Menter Iaith

bush tucker trail

House mates have just completed their final challenge...

a bush tucker trail,
housemates successfully ate a selection of fine cuisine from the big brother garden!

Dance again!!!

this lot sure do love to dance!!!
by popular request its that Macarena... again!!

Line dancing

housemates engage in a spot of line dancing Big brother style...

what you cant here is the benny hill theme tune, awesome effort guys

cleaning the house!!!

in a shock discovery big brother has found that housemates can clean!!!!

yes friends and family with a bit of encouragement they do know how to clean!!!
hopefully they will share this discovery of their new talents with you when they return home later today!!!


housemates are given a full breakfast,
but most only eat bacon butties..

now to clean the kitchen!!!!

Rumble in the Jungle

There's movement in the big brother house.....

housemates are stirring and starting to consider getting up!!
Big brother has had his first contact with housemates for several hours, and it sounded like a very tired Megan announcing that they were awake... up maybe, but awake megan?

Big brother has prepared a luxury breakfast for housemates of bacon, toast and sausage...


Still asleep in the house, all housemates are out cold!!!!

Question: Who do you Think is going to win this weeks Big Brother Experience?
Place your vote on the right (votes will not count towards actual winner)

Big Brother evictions

The Big Brother evictions will begin at 3pm today! Big Brother would like to invite family and friends of the housemates to come along and support all of the housemates as they are evicted.


Big Brother rewarded Housemates with hot chocolate and a film for completing the puppet task, but it seems it has been a long day and most of the housemates are now asleep and perhaps dreaming about who will win this weeks Big Brother:

Who do you think should win????????????????????????

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Big Brother would like you to vote on which puppet you think should be put forward to the X factor this week!

Big Brother Puppet Choir

Housemates have succesfully completed their Puppet choir challenge. Eat your heart out Kermit!!

New challenge

Housemates are currently undertaking a new challenge, Big Brother will update you with the result of the challenge shortly

Sam meets a new housemate

A new challenge is set, housemates must talk through their puppets at all times.

Hiya mam xxx

Take 5

Take 1

Hi everyone....


Missing you not!

Missing you lots!

Hi mum

A message home

For completing their afternoon challenge each group of housemates were able to choose a reward. This group chose to have the game 'twister' delivered to the Big Brother House.

Dinner Time

After the housemates have slaved tirelessly over a hot stove,
a dish of vegetable soup is served to the house mates..

it smells lovely from the big brothers control room!!!!

all's well...

all's well in the big brother house,
Zowie, Craig and Ryan are cooking housemates a lovely tea,
while Jemma, Layren, Sophie, Ashley, Jade, Jake, Matt and Lizzy
complete a secret challenge for big brother!!!!

Sing a song to me!

Dyma ymdrech y lletywyr ar y gan Gymraeg. Beth yw eich barn chi ar y gan?

This is the housemates effort at their Welsh song. What do you think of it?

Hwn yw'r Brawd Mawr...

Mae'r Brawd Mawr wedi newid iaith bore 'ma i Gymraeg. Fel rhan o'r newid yma, mae'r Brawd Mawr wedi gosod sialens i'r lletywyr gyfansoddi a pherfformio can yn Gymraeg i Brawd Mawr. Dyma'r lletywyr yn clywed beth sydd angen iddyn nhw wneud...

Big Brother has changed language this morning to Welsh. As part of this change, Big Brother has set a challenge to the housemates to compose and perform a song in Welsh. Here's how the housemates took the news...

feeding time at the zoo!!!

it seems that the big brother house has some special guest this week, salt and pepper!
2 small oxford sandy black pigs!!

this explains the midnight song,

now what's for breakfast tomorrow...!!!

morning housemates

housemate rise and sort out breakfast!
not all housemate are up but the smell of toast will no doubt help

midnight song

Big brother has found some mysterious midnight signing from the housemates...

late last night the housemates left the house armed with a camera and recored themselves in full verse, who were they signing to and what inspired such fine voice..!

Morning has broken

Good Morning housemates...

many of the housemates have risen, shaken there heads at the morning light and layed their heads to rest once more, But Big Brother doesn't think it will be long....

once the noise levels rise in the house, Big Brother thinks many more housemates will get up,
keen bunch of housemates this week!!!!

Spoke to soon "Again"

Big Brother once again spoke to soon, one housemate woke up and is now talking to Big Brother in the diary room!

Can you guess which housemate is the last one awake???

One clue: It is one of the female housemates!

nighty night again

The last of the housemates have gone off to slumberland, will they get a 3rd wind, or will they sleep until Big Brother gently wakes them in 4 hours time????????

nighty night

spoke to soon

Oooops it seems like Big Brother spoke to soon, it seems that eight housemates have had second wind and are now up talking

Silent night

It seems most of the housemates have had a really tiring first day in the house and have decided it is time to sleep, so goodnight from Big Brother for now!!!!

Sad Big Brother

Sadly for Big Brother a housemate has left the house this morning due to not feeling too well. Big Brother would like to thank the housemate for his positive attitude in the house and hopes he enjoyed the experience!

challenge completed

Housemates succesfully completed the domino challenge and are being rewarded with popcorn and a film!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A super healthy supper!

Housemates decide to make smoothies with the left over fruit. Lots of tasting, not sure of the verdict!

Still lively!!!

Housemates are all in the lounge area. Some are chatting, some are chilling, Ben is tap dancing in his new boots. No sign of any tired housemates yet!

Cooking continues.....

Big Brother is impressed with the speed of Aled's potato peeling!

Hungry Housemates

Housemates prepare their evening meal.

Living in a cardboard box

As a forfeit for failing to obey Big Brother housemates have each had to spend 10 minutes each living in a cardboard box.....


housemate take the opportunity for an impromptu dance...

always a popular track in the big brother house and big brother is keen that all housemate get plenty of exercise!!!!

camera watching

housemates check out big Brothers CCTV!!!!

remember Big Brother is watching all the time housemates...

Dinner time!!!

housemates tuck in to their first lunch together!!!

Dressing up and diary room queue

housemate queue for the diary room and get dressed for lunch,
it been a busy half hour in the house!!!

pillow fight

house mates get to know each other with the customary Pillow fight!

All in!!!

all the housemates are in!!!! or are they?

filling up

with 14 housemates in and another 2 arriving its starting to look a little busier..!

housemates decide, who's who and where their sleeping!
have a game of who speaks welsh and generally get to know each other.

housemate settle in

more housemates arrive...

spending time to get to know each other...
housemates have explored the house, and tested big brothers cameras and found the local watering hole..!

dressing up

the boys of the house, Ben, Ashley and Bradley are keen to sort out who's who,
with a little dressing up...

1st house mates!!

the first four housemates are in the house, and having a good explore.

Zowie, Ben, Sophie and Lousie...
welcome to the big brother experience...

10mins to go!

the first housemate will be arriving in 10 mins...

are you ready, stay tuned for info, polls and videos here...
and dont forget to post your comments for the house here.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Countdown Begins

Housemates, are you ready?

the big brother house is waiting....
first housemates arrive in less than 24hrs.

the countdown begins....