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Welcome to the Swansea Big Brother Experience Blog. This year Swansea Youth Service are running five Big Brother experiences for young people. Each experience runs for 3 full days with 24 participants entering the house each week with the winner taking home £100 in cash. You can keep up with what's going on in the house on this blog, which will have regular updates and footage of the lastest going ons in the house. Please feel free to leave comments and messages on the page, although these will be moderated before going up. Thanks all...................

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

message for housemates

hi viewers, this is your last chance to post a message to the house mates before their evicted... come on they need your support for the final hours....

post your message here and we will let the housemates know what you have to say... :)


  1. Hi Steffan.....hope you enjoyed the BB experience...but just to let you know we moved house while you were in there cant tell you the new address yet hahaha ....love from
    mam dad and caitlin xxxx

  2. laura evans( ex housemate! ha)29 July 2010 at 11:10

    hii everyonee! its lauraa.. my bed was lush last night;) haha! oh and mcdonalds is even better;) haha. im having fun watching you haha, i dont think any of you going to be wanting a baby soon:) good luck to you all! and well done alex for staying in, do the wolfs proud!.. was nice to meet you all, and alex get everyones names for me haha! well goood luck, and speak to you all soon! lovee youuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. go on alex andd davvidddd!

  4. hello ambo & jay! hope you're having a great time! i want to hear all about it when you're home :) good luck for today, love you bothhhh! Ria <3

  5. Hi Jeni and Vikki! Jeni, bet your gutted you ended up being a parent during your stay - O the irony!!! Hope you had a great time will see you both at the eviction later...missed u heaps love you more XX

  6. David bell the 7th all the way ;) x

  7. hello dai bell really missing you boy,i hope you comes up and sees me soon hope your having a good time and i wont to hear everything when you gets home love you boy and hopes you wins lol xxx

  8. Matt (1) Nicholas29 July 2010 at 11:59

    everyone up for a mc donalds today ? :)
    good luck everyone :D
    well i am off for a ciggy now :) bye x

  9. Hey, Sam you were awesome. Made me proud bubs ;)
    See you soooooooooon!

  10. well done lauren, final stretch, LAUREN TOO WIN !!!!! xxx

  11. lauren get you asss back here haha, missing you lots!!! im soo proud of you squeeze ;)
    iloveyou xxxx
    LAUREN TO WIN !!!!!

  12. good luck josh for later, maddison pointing at screen saying joshuaa ,lol, everyones watching laughing at you trying to avoid the camera,your nuts boy . luv you loads, from us ALL XXXXXXX

  13. Well done Joshua from Courtneyxxxxxxx

  14. JOSHUA TO WIN!!! youve done goood well donee come on i know you can do it from Jodie your sister :)